Sleeping alone

see i like this bed to myself now
just my body and the dog

held in the sounds of his breathing
all that i need is home with me

falling to the sound of the rain
slipping through leaves
& coming inside

welcome or not

i’m used to sleeping alone now
saying i got no use for your comforts
i’ve seen it before
you won’t surprise me when you walk through my door

well theres nothing more serene
than feeling the same things over again
i’ve been here before
even tho it’s been a while
i’ve seen this floor
back when I was child

i don’t got no answer for the voice in my head
i don’t got a reason for the strange man in my bed

it’s none of you business
is it
i am such my mothers child
i come by it honestly
i just crave intimacy



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anxious 20-something in new england busy finding meaning in other peoples houses critics welcome

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