I said,
you know that feeling, when you want to kiss someone,
it’s like a stone on the back of your tongue.
You said, yes.
And I felt as though I could melt into you, right then&there in the dim glow from old christmas lights.
I said,
you have the upper hand here,
this choice is yours to make.
You asked, how dear?
As if we do not live in a world where love is a weakness, and I was losing the game of investment.
I said,
I want you
but you, didn’t say you want me too.
I said,
I still do not know how you feel,
but I know that this connection is real.
You said, I’ve told you.
And I know you have, I guess I just wanted less river and more stone.


honey, we have so little time here
if I am worth loving to you
love me

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