here I am
new house
new home

it came on so suddenly
I’m sleeping in a different bed than I thought I would

I will never be hungry
I will never be lonely
I will never have the fear
of being left

but I am still heartbroken
because the bed I thought I’d sleep in has likely been filed by another
because the love I thought I’d had was thinner than my own

I am missing the blazing intoxicating love
longing the love that made me feel
as if I was floating through life
love that feels once in a lifetime
love that fuels all your passions

love in one self, two forms

but often fear, at least in the young
is stronger than love

now I will crawl into my new home
not what I expected
but beautiful all in all


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anxious 20-something in new england busy finding meaning in other peoples houses critics welcome

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