Back to the Farm

Forever constant
I may never be still
I should probably get rid of more shit


here I am
new house
new home

it came on so suddenly
I’m sleeping in a different bed than I thought I would

I will never be hungry
I will never be lonely
I will never have the fear
of being left

but I am still heartbroken
because the bed I thought I’d sleep in has likely been filed by another
because the love I thought I’d had was thinner than my own

I am missing the blazing intoxicating love
longing the love that made me feel
as if I was floating through life
love that feels once in a lifetime
love that fuels all your passions

love in one self, two forms

but often fear, at least in the young
is stronger than love

now I will crawl into my new home
not what I expected
but beautiful all in all

long days long day
exhausted and tired
grumping to yourself
but still thoroughly in love with everyone in your car


how rare it is
to find the people
you may see everyday
and never tire of

to find more ease in every moment
simplicity in movement


men do not determine your worth
your sexuality does not determine your worth
worth is subjective
only yours to foster

your sex
is all yours
treat it as something precious
you may find comfort in your own bones
meaning, in your own mind
love, in your own flesh

use society as a tool
but stay honest
and soft
as softness, my love
is one of your greatest virtues

love viciously
for not everyone feels they can
and not anyone has your fire
do that which is best for others
for you are good
you are strong enough to let their waves break on you
you may take on those who feel lost