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here I am new house new home it came on so suddenly I’m sleeping in a different bed than I thought I would here I will never be hungry I will never be lonely I will never have the fear of being left but I am still heartbroken because the bed I thought I’d sleep in has likely been filed by another because the love … Read More


I’m sitting on the fire escape behind my work thrilled to be getting out in a week the sky is finally blue it’s 70 degrees in Vermont I’m having cigarettes for lunch mom says she’s bleeding again she always brushes things off like they don’t really matter maybe so I don’t worry maybe because she’s in denial but it always makes me worry because … Read More Spotting



So I’m staying or delaying? maybe making a mistake I can feel my personality fraying into the fabric of someone else and then he pulls away my gut says stay stay but I guess I should thank him for making us be our own people _______________________________ I slipped yesterday back to an old pattern I didn’t get out of bed until 2 my mind running … Read More Reversion

Come With Me

Come with me we keep saying the timing is wrong but maybe it’s perfect we’re just scared to hold on Come with me breath air somewhere else we can climb mountains you can bloody find yourself Come with me because by now I can’t let you go and we’re on the same page as far as I know Come with me You know I … Read More Come With Me

“And when I think of my youth I think of my freedom And when I think of my freedom I feel so alone And when I feel lonely I want you to hold me Hold me in your arms” -Anais Mitchell _______________________________ I’m full of smoke and nicotine I never expected to be this person didn’t think I’d be just like my mother albeit … Read More

For a Nervous Young Woman

From a good man I’ll obviously support you staying. But as someone who wants to know you better, I think you should go. Vermont will be right here, doing the same shit. The world is so cool and full of endless random opportunity. You’re so good to me. Like. Girl. First. You’re fucking huge. I don’t care about new people much. When you walk into … Read More For a Nervous Young Woman


For a Vermont Farm Boy

I can’t stay because I love you I can’t stay because I’m afraid you’ll forget me I can’t stay to smoke cigarettes on the beach I can’t stay to lose heat but I want to I really want to I want to fall I want to wake up together I need you to send me send me off into the abyss of endless roads off to … Read More For a Vermont Farm Boy