Back to the Farm

Forever constant
I may never be still
I should probably get rid of more shit


long days long day
exhausted and tired
grumping to yourself
but still thoroughly in love with everyone in your car


how rare it is
to find the people
you may see everyday
and never tire of

to find more ease in every moment
simplicity in movement

For a Nervous Young Woman

From a good man

I’ll obviously support you staying. But as someone who wants to know you better, I think you should go.
Vermont will be right here, doing the same shit.
The world is so cool and full of endless random opportunity.

You’re so good to me.

Like. Girl. First. You’re fucking huge.
I don’t care about new people much.
When you walk into a room it’s obvious.
Vermont this second is struggling to contain you.
You’re so smart and beautiful, you deserve to meet people from all over the world.
To get crushes and make friends and be scared and alone and in new places.

Ahh it sounds so good, I’m so unsure but fuck I need to go.
Still love me when I come back.

I’ll love you more when you come back.
I’ll follow your journey and remind you you’re beautiful when you’re on the side of the road and lonely and lost,
and high five you when you’re in cities with babes discovering yourself and how amazing you are.

I wouldn’t let someone stay for me.

I know you’re right.