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Back to the Farm

Moved again Forever constant I may never be still I should probably get rid of more shit

long days long day exhausted and tired grumping to yourself but still thoroughly in love with everyone in your car _______________ how rare it is to find the people you may see everyday and never tire of to find more ease in every moment simplicity in movement

do not tell me how to conduct myself concerning my feelings if you do not want to hear of my pains or worries do not ask

fuck me (not actually)

I think we’re in love but he needs to be independent and I’ve already been there so I understand it I’m just fuck we’re so good together he just doesn’t want to be committed right now fuck what the hell does this mean

For a Nervous Young Woman

From a good man I’ll obviously support you staying. But as someone who wants to know you better, I think you should go. Vermont will be right here, doing the same shit. The world is so cool and full of endless random opportunity. You’re so good to me. Like. Girl. First. You’re fucking huge. I don’t care about new people much. When you walk into … Read More For a Nervous Young Woman

Sleeping alone take 1

When you upgrade just to avoid putting music somewhere people might actually find it ha


  I feel good baby I feel good not happy but good I feel love baby I feel love don’t fret because you’re told to